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About Company

“Chudo Tour” is the company of entry and home-base tourism. It was founded in September, 2008. “Chudo Tour” has the license of a touristic agent ( the copy in attachment). The organisation of daily (regular) excursion tours in Lviv and the increase of the touristic geography in our city are the main tasks  of our company. With the help of the unique routes, which comprise the most interesting places in Lviv,  we popularize the streets, squares, monuments, churches etc. which used to remain unknown before.

The main products of the company are:
  • The Wonder Train has already become a new symbol of Lviv and got the numbers of fans in Lviv, Ukraine and the whole world. Listening to the audioguide is available in 8 languages (English, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, German, Italian, French, Turkish). The road train departures take place daily, every half an hour, in Rynok (Market) Square.

  • The Wonder Bus: a big sightseeing tour by an adapted bus with the movable roof and panoramic windows. The length of the route is over 25 kilometres. Listening in one of 8 languages is available.

  • New thematic walking tours under the guidance of Il’ko Lemko started in April, 2012. This service is a joint product of both “Chudo Tour” and the portal “VisitLvivNet”. The only regular excursion by Il’ko Lemko is called “The Legends of Ancient Lviv”. During it the tourist has the chance to discover the interesting pieces of the city history and the peculiarities of Lviv citizens’ life, also  to feel the unforgettable atmosphere of the city. Besides “The Legends of Ancient Lviv” it is possible to order individually the following walking tours: “Lviv – the City of Love”, “Lviv During the Times of Grandma Austria”, “Lviv – the Multinational City”. The excursions are conducted directly by Il’ko Lemko.

  • In August, 2010 the guide book of our routes called “Photoguide Lviv” went out.