First of all, we would like to inform you that the Miracle train was manufactured in December 2008 in Germany by Road Trains TSCHU-TSCHU. The manufacturer has issued a quality certificate. Another document from Germany is the so-called TÜV certificate, which is issued by an independent quality inspection body.
In Ukraine, the train was tested for compliance with Ukrainian standards and a Certificate of Conformity was issued. Certification of this vehicle was carried out by the state enterprise “Lviv Research and Production Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification”. Laboratory tests were conducted by the relevant organization – the Central Design Bureau of LAZ.

Yes, in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation, the Miracle train underwent a technical inspection of the vehicle by the Inspectorate of State Technical Supervision of the Lviv Regional State Administration. The inspection certificate is attached to the front window as in all vehicles.

Miracle train – a vehicle designed for sightseeing tours of Lviv, its speed is minimal (up to 25 km / h). The safety of using a road train is evidenced by the above-mentioned documents.
Regarding emergency exits, each car has seven doors and three more emergency exits are equipped and marked in accordance with current regulations.

Before each departure of the Miracle train from the parking lot, the driver undergoes a medical examination by a doctor, and the vehicle is checked by a mechanic. Only after positive test results, the doctor and the mechanic allow the vehicle to leave.